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Here is the sample label.

Size Requirements:

  • Maintain 2:3 aspect ratio for the image file
  • Label will be 4″ wide and 6″ tall
  • Recommended image size is 1600px X 2400px

NUMBER 1: Net Weight. REQUIRED. This must be on your label. There are several Net Wt sizes available in our private label category. Net Weight can be whatever you plan to do. You can do 12 Oz., 1 LB, 2LB, or 5 LB with a private label. Net Wt must be on the front of the bag (or box for capsules). Must not be micro-text. Look at food products in your home as examples. Net Wt is almost always near or at the bottom of product packages, on the front of the package, and in a larger text that is very very easy to read. It is never a super tiny text. Net Wt must contain ounces and grams or pounds and ounces and grams when 1 pound or more.

NET WT. 12 OZ. (340g)
NET WT. 1LB (16 OZ.) 454g
NET WT. 2LB (32 OZ.) 907g
NET WT. 5 LBS (80 OZ.) 2,268g

NUMBER 2: Distributed by. REQUIRED. This must be on your label. Distributed by tells the consumer where the product originates from. You CAN put your company name above it and show distributed by below it, but the Distributed by line must say the following: Distributed by Temecula Coffee Roasters. Temecula, CA 92590. The reason is must say this is to comply with USA FDA regulations. Leaving this part out would be a violation according to FDA labeling requirements.

NUMBER 3: Ingredients. REQUIRED. This must be on your label. We recommend the following:
For standard coffees, the ingredients should say “Ingredients: Coffee”
For flavored coffees, you should put “Ingredients: Coffee, Natural & Artificial Flavoring”

NUMBER 4: Statement of identity required. If your coffee is whole bean.. you need that on the label and it needs to be the most obvious part of the label. So this means that it needs to be the largest font and displayed in a prominent location. You have to be able to look at the label and know exactly what is in the bag. The logo will not count. So if you are named Coffee’s coffee, you still need to have “Ground Coffee” in prominent text below it. So for Ground Coffee, you need to put “Ground Coffee” prominently on the label. For Whole Bean Coffee, you need to have “Whole Bean Coffee” prominently displayed on the label.

Not Allowed

You cannot add FDA or Fair Trade logos, badges, or any intellectual property to the custom labels. You must be the primary holder of certification to be able to utilize those and cannot be a reseller to utilize them on your products.

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